Demand for action over motorway air pollution

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POLLUTED communities next to the M1 in Sheffield have made a renewed call for action to tackle emission levels.

The East End Quality of Life Initiative, which represents areas around Tinsley and Darnall, has spoken out after new research showed a link between exposure to air pollution and heart attacks.

Neighbourhoods close to the motorway experience spikes in pollution during rush hours.

A report by the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at 34 studies comparing the risk of a heart attack at various levels of inhaling industrial and traffic-related air pollutants including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and small soot-like particles.

It said: “For most of the pollutants, an increase in concentration of 10 micrograms per cubic metre of air – the typical standard used to assess harm, and barely noticeable to a person breathing the air – was associated with a 1-3 per cent increase in the chance of having a heart attack in the next week.”

Neil Parry, of the quality of life initiative, said: “This is more evidence of the need to cut pollution in and around Tinsley and the rest of the city. The most vulnerable in our communities are worst affected.”