Delays eclipse Dave’s dream of generating free electricity

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IT’S a burgeoning industry enjoying massive Government subsidies but as with every gold rush, some lose out.

Dave Farrell paid just £500 for solar panels worth £11,000 to be fitted to his roof.

Under the rent-a-roof scheme he would get some electricity free and an investment company would be paid by the Government for some of the power produced.

So far so sunny – but Dave is still waiting for his panels after paying £500 for a survey by Energy Saving Group in February.

While he waited he also paid the leaseholder of his house £150 for permission to have the job done.

After five months he contacted Action Desk.

He said: “They have taken £500 and passed my details on to an installer, but I don’t even know who that is. I just can’t get any answers.

He said he thought that they should admit that they were overwhelmed with demand and refund him.

“But they are ignoring all my calls,” he complained.

Newspapers in Lincolnshire and Somerset have reported similar problems.

JAMES Manley, Energy Saving Group finance director, said the delays were caused by installation companies which could not keep up with demand.

“Customers are getting thousands of pounds of equipment for next to nothing. It’s a fantastic offer, we are not forcing this on anyone, if anyone wants to cancel they can.

“We are a surveying company, we get paid a proportion of the £500 by the installation firms after a job is complete.

“It’s frustrating, my personal view is that no one will have to wait more than nine months.”

He promised to look into Mr Farrell’s case and get him an installation date, he added.

The firm is based in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Mr Manley added: “The Government didn’t foresee a lot of people in the City with a lot of money investing in this, but the returns are more than 10 per cent. It’s taken the industry by storm. But it takes time to get stock, materials, vans and fitting teams together. That’s the logjam.”