Defiant Sheffield fly-tippers dump next to warnings

Fly-tipping at Grenoside
Fly-tipping at Grenoside
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Defiant fly-tippers are laughing in the face of signs threatening to fine litter louts - by dumping waste right next to the warnings.

Tyres, a fridge, furniture and even a punchbag have all been abandoned off Stubbing House Lane in Grenoside.

Fly-tipping at Grenoside

Fly-tipping at Grenoside

Sheffield Council signs which threaten a maximum fine of £50,000 for anyone caught in the act are being blatantly ignored.

Resident Brett Nockalls, who took these photographs at the scene, said it had been a problem in the past but has now spiralled out of control.

He added: “It’s awful, this is a really pretty lane.

“There is always litter but this time there was a great big massive fridge and loads of glass in the road.

“What makes it a joke is there are all these signs which say £50,000 fine for fly-tipping - it might as well be a sign saying ‘dump rubbish here’.

“I just want to raise awareness that this is happening.”

It is believed the fly-tippers are carrying out their activity at night.

Dad Brett, a digital account manager, said many people use the area for recreation - even more so after the Tour de France passed nearby as elite riders went up Oughtibridge Lane.

The 48-year-old, who has reported the problem to the council, added: “There is so much rubbish down there now that it is getting out of control. It is horrible.

“We are supposed to be promoting the Tour de France and selling Sheffield. There was all the investment in the roads and then just to the side of that we have all this happening.”

The council said it was in touch with the landowner to have the site cleared up and encourage them to ‘protect’ it against further fly-tipping.

It urged people to report fly-tipping if they witness it.

A spokesman added: “Fly-tipping is illegal and inconsiderate and we take one of the very toughest stances in the country on this.

“We understand that Mr Nockalls did not see the tipping himself and we have had no reports from anyone who might have, so unfortunately we have no leads to follow up at the present time.

“The council operates a bulky item waste collection service and provides five Household Waste Recycling Centres and a number of ‘bring sites’ for recyclables to help people manage their waste.”

Call 0114 273 4567 to report fly-tipping.