Defend jobs in skilled sector

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A TRADE union boss has written to all Sheffield MPs calling on them to lobby to defend public sector jobs.

Although council redundancies over the coming year are low compared with other areas, there are likely to be redundancies in other areas of the public sector and Sheffield has a large number of staff working for the Home Office, plus departments for Education and Work and Pensions.

David Robbie, Public and Commercial Services union branch secretary at Sheffield DWP, has sent a letter which says the union is concerned Sheffield will bear the brunt of these cuts: “We note so far only one out of every 10 of the very modest level of new jobs created in the recovery are in the north.” The letter warns that job losses would cause ‘serious damage to our local economy’.

Mr Robbie said: “I have written to every MP in the city because Sheffield will bear the brunt of these cuts and we will see a drift back to London of the remaining skilled and professional jobs.”