Dedicated HS2 service in Sheffield

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I note that Leeds has won the debate about bringing High Speed Rail, (HS2), to the heart of its city connecting well with other train services.

While Sheffield can make the same sort of arguments I suspect that HS2 will continue on its proposed route via Meadowhall.

I think Sheffield’s response to this must be a demand for a dedicated HS2 service that terminates in Sheffield.

What it would need would be a connection between HS2 and the existing network at Beighton.

Rather than terminating at Sheffield Victoria it should terminate at Sheffield Midland with its good tram and train connections elsewhere.

Basically we need to prove that Sheffield can fill or nearly fill an hourly HS2 train service from Sheffield to London.

Regarding HS3 between Manchester and Yorkshire we should argue for a reuse of Woodhead tunnel connecting with HS2 near Barnsley both north and southwards.

Just to the north of the proposed HS2 Meadowhall station a connection would be made between HS2 and the existing Barnsley to Sheffield line to allow HS3 trains to also terminate at Sheffield Midland.

These two proposals could be combined with HS2 services from London to Sheffield continuing on to Manchester, (after reversal with a five-minute stop).

This would bring dramatic improvements to train services between the East Midlands and Manchester, something else that is also badly needed.

My proposal also provides for a dedicated fast service between Sheffield Midland and Leeds with a journey time of less than 25 minutes.

This would require a small fleet of five shorter High Speed Trains shuttling between the two city centres at 15-minute intervals.

David R Smith

by email