Decision to bare derriere baffles me

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She has a hit reality TV show, a famous rapper husband, millions in the bank and is photographed everywhere she goes.

It’s fair to say Kim Kardashian is a woman who doesn’t need to do go to great lengths to garner media attention.

I mean I saw an 800 word story and picture slideshow just on Kim’s trip to get an ice cream recently - so I think it’s safe to say she’s all set in the publicity department.

All she has to do is simply step out of her house and she’s trending on Twitter.

So I was slightly baffled by her decision to bare her famous derriere for all to see in her recent magazine photoshoot.

I was literally shocked when I saw her ample behind shining like a beacon.

After I picked my jaw off the floor I was left with hundreds of questions filling my head.

Was it photoshopped, did someone slip with the bottle of baby oil, is it anatomically possible, why, just why?

We all know the curvy star is famed for having a lot of junk in the trunk but I, like the rest of the world, just assumed we would have to settle for pictures of her bum from behind the safety of numerous couture outfits - It seems I was wrong.

I’m not criticising her figure - far from it, I think she has an amazing body - but do I want to see her extremely shiny backside when I’m sittting eating my morning cereal - hmm no thanks.

It wasn’t long before parodies of the shoot were doing the rounds on the internet with Twitter followers comparing Kim’s shiny rear end to all manner of weird and wonderful thngs from glazed donughts, space hoppers and super imposing her onto Mount Rushmore.

So what motivated the mother of one to do it?

My initial thought was cold hard cash but apparently the star didn’t even get paid to do it. It was her idea and she did it for free as she was desperate to work with photographer Jean-Paul Goude.

Just as I was getting over the shock I then saw the full frontal images.

She may not have “broken the internet” like the cover title read, but she’s certainly dominated the internet in the wake of the shoot and a week on it’s still the hot topic of conversation.

It was like the bizarre Bound 2 video she shot with Kanye writing around naked on a motorbike, I just didn’t see the need.

I am a Kim Kardashian fan and despite her being criticised for having no talent Keeping Up With The Kardashaians is my guilty pleasure.

I just think she’s famous enough without feeling the need to get her kit off.

Now let’s just wait for the bum implant surgery sales to soar.