Decision to axe trees was based on facts?

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I am writing to respond to the letter by Coun Peter Price, printed in the Star, July 28, which referred to my poem printed, July 24.

Decision to axe trees was based on facts?

Peter Price says the decisions to axe

are practical and based on fact.

But if ‘facts’ are the reason for felling our trees

How come some experts still disagree?

You say you have lent your eye and an ear

But some of your colleagues did not, that was clear.

By the way I’m not ‘arty’.

I’m an ex-council worker who once backed your party.

I’ve always worked very hard for a living,

So, I’m amused at the impression I seem to be giving.

I left school at 15, with no thought of ‘art’

I had to follow my head, not my heart.

Peter, I’m probably no more ‘arty’ than you

We all just do the best we can do.

So from an upbringing with no money

I find my ‘arty’ title rather funny.

Some readers may wonder about my postal code

But I don’t even live on Rustlings Road.

The Star has great letters from which it can pick

Alone, my ‘arty’ poems won’t do the trick.

Though I confess it was my intention

To get the trees maximum attention.

If we are fast replacing trees, then, perhaps,

Someone might explain the many gaps?

‘Facts’ are so simple they’re black and white

But using discretion is also right.

Remember ‘facts’ can still be disputed

And ‘expert’ advice can be refuted.

Perhaps if we pause to look around

Gentle but “practical” solutions can be found?

As for now, the Limes stand proud and tall

Let’s hope they stay that way beyond the ‘Fall’

Peter Price’s letter states: “End of story”- it’s so not true!

That sounded dictatorial and patronising too.

Does “End of story” mean he’s done?

Well, we at SORT, have only just begun.

We’ll always fight to save a healthy tree.

Not dead or dying - just getting on a bit like me and thee

So, Sheffielders, it’s up to you.

Don’t let them fell, if good care will do.

For now, I hope my work is done

And I’ll go out to get some sun.

Because I am really hoping that

I’ll no longer need my ‘arty’ hat.

I’ll leave SORT to the technical jargon

Whilst I go and weed the garden.

So far, I have not become a Lib-Dem or a Tory

But believe me Peter, it’s far from “End of story”!

You can still sign the Rustlings Road online petition at

By ‘Arty’ but ‘Practical’ Pensioner and SORT supporter

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