Decision to axe trees was based on facts

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I am not the ‘arty’ type and I am certainly no poet like ‘Ex-Labour Voter SORT’ (Star, July 24) but I do understand the concept of ‘poetic licence’.

However being a practical person, I have to rely on facts and as an elected member, I do not “close both eye and ear” as I am accused, but make judgments based on facts.

These are:

Fact 1: this City has planted more than 50,000 extra trees this year since January.

Fact 2: this city is currently creating 17 new woodlands.

Fact 3: this city has taken down 2,000 highway trees in the last three years and replaced them with 2,015.

Fact 4: this city has now over two million trees, more than any time in its history.

Fact 5: Rustlings Road has 30 trees, of which 11 are to be taken out and replaced by 20 young trees giving the street a total of 39.

Fact 6: in 2006 an independent arboricultural assessment warned the council that 75 per cent of its highway trees were nearing the end of their lives.

Fact 7: I did not call the petitioners whingers. I was referring to the Liberal Democrat councillors who had supported the policy for the past three years.

All this is without taking in to account the severe damage done to our drains and pavements, which I know, many citizens constantly complain about, particularly our elderly. End of story.

Coun Peter Price