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I would just like to defend the part of Rotherham that is going to be decimated when the new Tesco relocates.

I am a trader who has been sited here on Upper Millgate since 1966 and fear that our side of town is being destroyed and fear closure.

Once again Tesco have won another battle for supremacy at the cost of yet another town centre.

By moving to the other side of town, they will leave the side they quit in dereliction.

Wilkos, Forge Island bridge, Corporation Street, Upper Millgate will all become derelict. At a cost of how many jobs?

The 200 jobs created by Tesco pale into insignificance. Tesco have taken over towns and ruined them throughout the country. Rotherham is a small market town and doesn’t need a large Tesco, a decision that will be regretted one day.

By destroying half the town what will happen in five to 10 years? Another billion or two pumped in to resurrect it? Or will it just be left to rot for the druggies and layabouts like the rea further down Corporation Street?

Tesco need bringing down to level one day before it’s all too late

Oh I forgot, would the decision to allow Tesco to relocate have anything to do with the fact that the council has got brand new shiny offices and a nice park created from shop units on All Saints Square, where good businesses were destroyed for this so-called improvement!

Weren’t these businesses paying rent and rates to the council and employing hundreds of people too?

What a farce. No wonder Retailworld and Meadowhall do so well. They must be laughing their socks off.

Chris Taylor, MD, HC Wray (1995) Ltd,