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IF Labour is serious about seeking the public’s views before deciding on the future of weekly black bin collections, the matter should be decided.

For those who completed an online survey overwhelmingly voted to keep the service. What is more the Government has offered some money to allow the authority to continue weekly collections.

However, the council’s prevarication suggests they are desperately trying to find a way of going against the public consensus and central government persuasion. And to put a different set of questions to focus groups interrogated on the question of refuse disposal also leaves a cloud of suspicion over the city council’s motives.

The ruling party needs to save costs. There is no doubt that it is under great pressure to do so. And it makes sound economic sense to change collection arrangements. But to do so needs strong leadership from the council to persuade people that this is the best option for the city, having received such a strong message - and attractive inducement - to do the opposite.

Enter workplace with right skills

THE views of business leaders, that the education system is not equipping young people with adequate employment skills, is nothing new to our ears. It has been a point of grave concern in this part of the country for some years.

But Sheffield College paints a clearly different picture which ought to encourage would-be employers.

As graduates prepare to collect their degrees from the college later this week, officials are proud to predict a busy future with increases in the number of students opting for their courses.

One reason is because the college’s fees are lower than those of most universities. But that is not the only thing which makes students choose to study at Sheffield College.

For it offers subjects with an eye to a vocation. They enter the workplace with a good idea of where they want to be in 10 years - and the tools to get them there.

Time to grow beard

PROMOTER Scott Barton is the man behind the Grin Up North comedy festival and Fright Night, the hallowe’en extravaganza which attracted 40,000 merrymakers to the city centre. Two hugely successful events. But there is no time to relax. For Scott now faces the challenge of staging the After Dark fireworks event. They say that if you want a job doing then ask a busy man. So how’s he fixed for December 25? He even has time to grow a beard!