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It is believed that there are nine million people in debt in this country. Financial mismanagement puts a great strain on people and family life. Many couples end up in the divorce courts because of the strain they are under and sad to say many people because of the strain they are under commit suicide as they see no way out.

I myself have been in debt, and there is a way out, but the simple truth is you have got to take action, you must not ignore it, as it will get worse.

There are organisations out there that will help you and won’t charge you for doing it.

Look at a website called This organisation gives really good advice on debt and lots of other money matters, like pensions, household budgeting, savings, insurance and government benefits.

There is even a budget planner on this website that will help you stay out of debt.

There are several other debt counselling agencies who do not charge and they are as follows 1, Christians against poverty, tel no 0800 328 0006. 2, Payplan, tel no 080 2802816. 3, Debt advice foundation, tel no 080 0434050. All these organisations are on the internet.

David S Ball