Debate vote plans tonight

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LABOUR MP David Blunkett will tonight lay out his opposition to the forthcoming referendum on changes to the UK voting system.

The Brightside and Hillsborough MP is the keynote speaker at a debate about the proposals for transfer to the alternative vote system.

The event, organised by the No2AV campaign, is taking place at the Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit on Mowbray Street from 6.30pm tonight.

Mr Blunkett said: “It is time to speak out and to cut through the woolly belief that a change in the way we vote would somehow be more democratic than the existing system.

“What is wrong with the existing system is that not enough people are actually using their vote and making their voice and their power count.

“The alternative vote has the perverse and undemocratic outcome of giving those voters who placed their cross against the least popular party a second and sometimes a third vote.”

A referendum on the change will be held on May 5.