DEBATE TIME: Yorkshire devolution, migrants and Jesus Christ

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Devolution will rip the heart out of Yorkshire

“‘Devolution’ bids from various parts of the Yorkshire region have now been submitted to the Government for consideration.

“Effectively power-hungry and mainly, but not exclusively, Labour council leaders are aiming to finish the job started in the 1970s and rip the proud and historic entity of Yorkshire apart.”

The people campaigning for refugees won’t live near them

“One thing I’ve noticed during the problems of refugees swamping European countries and this is the children’s faces are printed in all the newspapers to try and get more sympathy.

“But any domestic problems in England, where children are photographed, their faces are pixelated so they can’t be recognised or drooled over by certain factions. Just why is this?”

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House migrants in empty buildings

“I see Grimbsy are knocking tower block buildings down, why don’t they take the migrants in?”

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Nine reasons Jesus was actually a refugee

“Mary, Joseph And Jesus fled to Egypt to avoid the depredations of Herod. Let us examine the situation:

1) They were in genuine fear of losing the Christ child to Herod’s soldiers.

2) They followed today’s rules, (Geneva Convention and UN), by going to the nearest safe country.”

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Refugees don’t want ISIS to pick off their children - they need our help

“I’m not really from the area as my parents moved us here from the north east when I was a child.

I have a friend who spoke only Spanish when she arrived in Southhampton and who is now a vital part of our communities both in Chesterfield and Sheffield.

I tell you this because we’re accepted, there’s room and acceptance for those who are a little bit different.”

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