DEBATE TIME: Star readers speak out over school discipline, recycling, and a Sheffield war memorial mystery

Lauren Mcdowell
Lauren Mcdowell
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Wild hairstyle lets down school
I read about the schoolgirl Lauren Mcdowell who was sent home for her leopard-print hairstyle.

Well I think the headmaster of her school did exactly the right thing and stopped the girl going to school until she got her hair put right.

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Food has too much packaging and makes recycling more difficult
Once again the call goes out, “we must recycle more”, but why isn’t this call heeded at the the manufacturing point?

Why do we have to have vegetables pre-packed with useless packaging?

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Does anyone know where the missing piece of the Crimean War Memorial is?
In all the recent exchanges about the Crimean War Memorial not a lot’s been said about the whereabouts of all the bits of this important monument.

We know that most of it is in the city council’s store, where it fetched up after removal from the Botanical Gardens in 2004.

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Congratulations to The Star
Congratulations are in order to The Sheffield Star for winning the award as best regional daily in Yorkshire and the Humber.

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