DEBATE TIME: Star readers have their say on immigration, the death penalty, smoking bans, and UKIP

UKIP leader Nigel Farage
UKIP leader Nigel Farage
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Today's postbag covers another broad range of issues, local, and national.

Here's the pick of today's letters..

Why has it taken so long for Theresa May to acknowledge immigration problem?

“It was quite bold of Theresa May at the Conservative conference to come out and finally acknowledge the immigration problem we are living with here in the UK.

But why has it taken so long? People at street level have been talking about this for years.

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Bring back the death penalty - I'd be happy to flick the switch

I hope the scum who beat and robbed old soldier and miner Tommy Ward either die a slow painful death, or the good and decent people of Maltby find them before the police do.

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We need a Labour party that can win over UKIP voters

Readers of the Star will know that David Cameron’s attempts to pose as the friend of ordinary people while presiding over a government dedicated almost exclusively to the interests of the rich and powerful receive a regular and well-deserved raspberry from Terry Palmer.

His letter of October 7 concerning Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘manifesto’, however, deserves to be taken seriously by anyone who hopes the Labour Party can do better in the 2020 General Election than it did last May.

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Even smokers should support car smoking ban

Although I am a smoker I fully support the recent ban on smoking in cars when children are present.

We all know that smoking is a filthy habit. I picked it up at university and I am doing my best to quit but as lots of ex-smokers tell me ‘quitting is easier said than done!’

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