DEBATE TIME: Memorial mystery solved, Corbyn on immigration and Sheffield’s heritage

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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The Star’s latest postbag contains a mix of views on a wide range of subjects.

Here’s a taster of some if this correspondence, and don’t forget you can have YOUR say too.

I think I know where the missing Crimean Memorial piece is

“Valerie Bayliss asked on The Star letters page of September 30 if any former council employees could help locate the whereabouts of certain parts of the old Crimean War memorial.

“I used to work for the council at various depots and I may be able to help with this.”

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Corbyn is breath of fresh air but immigration policy will be unpopular

“A breath of fresh air?

“At last a Labour politician speaking with honesty and conviction who’s prepared to reach out to all working people including the self-employed.

“The two things that may cost him votes from the masses is the idea we must take more immigrants and stay in the EU...”

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Speaking up for Sheffield’s pensioners must be applauded

“Well done Brian Whitfield for speaking up for the pensioners of this city.

“I know Brian personally, as my late mother lived in the same sheltered housing.

“My mother had to pay full rent in which these charges were included, this being £102 per week.

“The service was excellent five years ago when my mother moved in as Sue was a regular face they saw every day.

“Then Sheffield Council changed things to two wardens covering three sites...”

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We need to save Sheffield’s heritage

“Fifty years ago Sheffield citizens fought to save buildings from short-sighted planners who wanted to demolish characterful and solidly built terraces to replace them with featureless and supposedly better modern versions.

Today we praise the foresight of those who helped to preserve the stone terraces in many parts of our city.

The thousands of trees threatened by Amey and condoned by the council are another part of our heritage which is in real danger of being lost, changing the face of our beautiful city forever...”

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