DEBATE TIME: Lewis Hamilton, quad bike nuisance and insurance woes

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton
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The Star’s latest postbag contains a mix of views on a wide range of subjects.

Here’s a taster of some if this correspondence, and don’t forget you can have YOUR say too.

Get it right, sheltered accommodation isn’t free

“To John Kline, I read your piece with some mixed thoughts and feel that a couple of things need addressing.

“All pensioners and people with other problems such as limbs missing, virtually blind, unable to care for themselves , have to pay another company as one would expect for their requirements.

“What has caused the confrontation is that the council have removed many of the wardens who were initially on duty for seven to eight hours a day.

“Now, if we are lucky, it’s an intercom call 20seconds or maybe a warden for three hours.

“All tenants pay rent and council tax the same as everyone else, also electricity bills, just the same as yourself. In short, they get nothing free.”

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“Further to the article which was in The Star on Saturday concerning my car insurance, I wish it to be made known that I have now insured with AgeUK.

“I have proved them wrong in this instance.”

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Was Lewis Hamilton not singing the national anthem disrespectful?

“Well done Lewis Hamilton for winning the Japanese Grand Prix.

“He stood on the podium, the Union Jack proudly displayed above his head, with the national anthem playing, and millions of people world wide watching the event, but he did not sing the anthem.”

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Something must be done about off-road bikes

“I was so pleased to read the article in Sheffield Star, (September 17), that RecyCoal’s flawed scheme at Hesley Wood looks likely to be scrapped.

“It seems that market forces have done what Sheffield City Council failed to do.

“Sheffield Council agreed to this development in January 2013 in spite of widespread opposition from local residents and a petition containing over 5,000 signatures.

“Now, all we have been left with are trees that have been cut down, the nuisance of off-road bikes and increased traffic noise from the motorway.”|Click here to read the full letter|Read more}

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