Death road motorists are speeding at 37mph

How The Star broke the news about speeding motorists on Normanton Hill.
How The Star broke the news about speeding motorists on Normanton Hill.
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Most drivers caught speeding on the road where Sheffield schoolgirl Jasmyn Chan was killed were travelling at up to 40 miles an hour, it has been revealed.

A breakdown of speeds used by the 471 motorists caught breaking the 30mph limit on Normanton Hill, Intake, in just three months shows that 88 of them hit 37mph.

The majority of people were travelling at between 35 and 40 miles an hour – although 126 went more than 40mph and one reckless driver was caught travelling at 66mph while overtaking on a crossing. Barry Smith, manager of the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership, said: “It is well documented that if you hit someone at 30 miles an hour there is an 80 per cent chance they will live.

“But if you hit them travelling at 40 it is the other way around – there is an 80 per cent chance you will die.

“It depends what your attitude to reckless is but I would say anything that puts anybody’s life in danger is reckless.”

Nine speed operations have been carried out on the road since July, with an average of 24 offences an hour recorded. Drivers caught travelling between 35 and 41 miles an hour will be fined £100, with three penalty points added to their licence, or have to undertake a speed awareness course at their own cost.

But the 126 drivers who were caught on camera at up to 66 miles an hour will face prosecution through the courts.

Mr Smith said most drivers opted for speed awareness courses if they could.

He added: “What we want to do is not prosecute people but educate them so they can improve their driving in the future.”

Jasmyn, aged 14 and of Frecheville, was killed in May in an alleged hit-and-run accident. She had pushed her friend out of the way of an oncoming car.

Her mum Paula McCullie has urged drivers to think of the family’s grief every day before they speed on the road.

She told The Star: “It’s not worth getting somewhere a little bit quicker for.”

Campaigners have also been working with Sheffield Council to make the road safer, and a new crossing is to be installed in Jasmyn’s name.

n Naseeb Ellahi, aged 32, of Birmingham, has been charged with six offences in connection with Jasmyn’s death.