Death knell for some traders

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IN the midst of an era of economic downturn the prospect of hundreds of new jobs must be an irresistible attraction to Sheffield councillors.

But they really ought to consider the overall consequence of their actions after giving approval for ASDA to open a supermarket just yards from Crystal Peaks shopping centre.

This centre has developed over the years until it is now established as the heart of the local community.

That heartbeat is now under threat because such high-powered competition in the cut-throat retail world cannot fail to take its toll on existing jobs and services.

There have been voices raised in support of the ASDA development but we are sure that there will be many more who share the concerns of established traders at Crystal Peaks, not to mention those hanging on to their jobs at the Sainsbury’s store in the centre.

They must surely feel under threat now that the go-ahead has been given for the ASDA store to open and will have just cause to worry that their jobs are no longer safe.

The shopping public has only so much money to spend and we fear this could be the death knell for some traders.

Imposing building saved for future

IT is good to learn that plans are moving forward to secure the future of one of Sheffield’s best-loved buildings, the imposing grade-II listed former Post Office, in Fitzalan Square.

There had been proposals to develop it as a hotel but those plans have fallen by the wayside after the building changed hands a couple of times.

But now a new owner has stepped forward with pledges to safeguard the building, which was alarmingly beginning to show signs of being ravaged by the elements.

Langland Estates are being coy about their future plans for the building but at least it is reassuring to learn that they are taking their responsibilities seriously and are to make the building weathertight.

This will at least ensure that a major landmark in the city of Sheffield can look forward to a brighter future than was on the cards until recently.

Love your area

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in a clean-up of land alongside the River Don in the Wincobank area.

It was becoming an unofficial dump until a team of clean-up campaigners led by boxing trainer Brendan Ingle moved in and gave it a facelift.

This is part of Brendan’s Love Wincobank campaign and is a great example of civic pride turning into community action.

We also believe this is a wonderful example to be followed by anyone who loves their neighbourhood.