Dearne teens design community website

Dearne ALC students at Barnsley CouncilDearne ALC students at Barnsley Council
Dearne ALC students at Barnsley Council
A group of tech-savvy teens from the Dearne ALC spent a week at Barnsley Council gaining valuable work experience.

Connor Jenkins, James Oakland, Josh Jenkins and Nicky Cranmer-Bills spent time placement: with the Council’s Digital, IT and Service Development teams.

The Council’s digital champions took the four 14-year-olds to Goldthorpe Job Club, near their school, where they were able to help residents get online.

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Staff then demonstrated the council’s front and back-end web systems, along with business process remodelling, analytics and social media to the enthusiastic students.

Ultimately the four boys applied their own web skills to a joint practical project, and became involved in the designing and coding of a website for young people, that was based on community involvement and tackling anti-social behaviour in and around the Dearne area.