Dead cat dumped in trolley in Darnall

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A horrified householder has spoken of his shock and disgust after a dead cat was dumped in his garden in the middle of the night.

Harry Barker, aged 52, discovered the animal in a shopping trolley which was left outside his home in Stovin Drive, Darnall, Sheffield.

Mr Barker: “I heard a knock at my window at about 4am which I thought was kids messing about, so I ignored it.

“I heard a second knock so I looked out of the window and someone had put a dead black cat in front of my bedroom window in a shopping trolley.

“I was so shocked to see something like that. How could someone just leave it there?”

Mr Barker called the police straight away, fearing children living nearby would see the cat when they woke up in the morning.

He added: “The police came and are looking into what had happened to it. The council came out too and took away the cat the same day.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman confirmed: “Police were called at around 4am on Sunday, November 2, to a property in Stovin Drive, following reports a dead cat had been left outside a man’s house. The cat has since been removed.”