Day-care patients face bleak future

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Once again a supposed professional organisation (Sheffield Council) has decided to announce to the media before informing the affected staff of its intention to close two dementia resource centres and redevelop another.

Not only is this lacking in compassion, but also shows a complete disregard for humanity.

Apparently not all staff are to be incorporated into the new development, so some are going to lose their job.

The detrimental impact on morale will undoubtedly be substantial and no matter how hard the staff try, it must have an adverse affect on the residents, who even on good days can best be described as vulnerable.

If my perception of history is correct the Labour movement was founded due to a need to protect the needs and interests of the working population.

Obviously the current incumbents of the council have forgotten or are not aware of this.

I know these are hard times and difficult decisions have to be made, but come on, show some respect to your employees.

It’s only a few months ago that it was announced that all three homes were to close, now it’s close two and save one.

Does anyone there know what’s going on? If decisions aren’t finalised, don’t make public announcements until they are.

Of course, don’t forget the residents who will have to travel from all over the city to Hurlfield despite the claim of everyone enjoying the benefit of ‘local’ facilities.

What about travel time?

Are some day-care patients going to spend more time being transported than actually at the centre?

Perhaps that is the ultimate solution.

Get a big bus, load up a pile of sandwiches, collect the patients, drive round the city, and drop them off again back at home.

What a bleak future.

JT Chalmers, Skelton Close, S13