Davies loses vote for rethink over elected mayor

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A LABOUR bid for another referendum on whether Doncaster should have an elected mayor is a step closer, despite the current mayor saying it would be a waste of money.

Council officers are being instructed to prepare a report explaining the alternatives of an elected mayor or a council leader after a Labour resolution was passed by 35 votes to 17 at this week’s council meeting.

Mayor Peter Davies, who was elected two years ago with a pledge to hold a referendum on the matter, said he could not support it at this time.

He was also backed by Community Group leader Martin Williams, who said Mr Davies had been elected for four years and it was “a nonsense” to go for a referendum.

“Let the man do his term, let him do his job, and then judge him on his four years as mayor,” said Coun Williams.

Mr Davies said he was amazed that a referendum was being raised because it would cost the council at least £100,000 to hold it.

“When cuts may be inevitable it would be the height of irresponsibility to spend a large amount on a highly indulgent referendum. As I am entrusted with the wellbeing of the town for the next 24 months I cannot support this motion.”

But Labour leader Sandra Holland said the motion was about having a mature discussion about the way forward.

“Is this yet another excuse not to deliver on your election manifesto to the people of Doncaster?” asked Coun Holland.