David Bowie tribute in Sheffield city centre vandalised with '˜Adolf Hitler moustache'Â

Vandals have painted an '˜Adolf Hitler moustache' on the David Bowie tribute mural in Sheffield city centre.Â

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27 November, 2018, 09:46

The 7ft painting of the former music legend's face has been vandalised with the Nazi leader's famous moustache along with a teardrop falling from his eye. 

The Division Street tribute was painted by Sheffield grafitti artist Trik in 2016, following Bowie's death in January. 

David Bowie street art in Division Street, Sheffield

Photos of the mural, depicting Bowie in the persona of his character Aladdin Sane, immediately began circulating on social media after its unveiling. 

Some people drew a comparison between the Bowie image and former BBC Radio 1 DJ Pat Sharp. 

However, others were much more positive about the work of street art. 

The damage comes just days after one of Sheffield's beloved pieces of street art was vandalised with luminous purple paint. 

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Vandalised David Bowie tribute

The well-known work by street artist Affix, depicting a raven alongside a poem, by the Sheffield canal was targeted over the weekend. 

In March, the towering 42ft mural of stainless steel pioneer Harry Brearley was targeted in a similar attack. 

The great innovator's face was splattered with red and white paint in a mindless act which has drawn the wrath of art lovers.

The Brearley mural was created by Sarah Yates - better known as Faunagraphic - in 2013 to mark 100 years since he invented the world's first 'rustless' stainless steel in his Brown Firth laboratory.

It was commissioned by Marketing Sheffield and the 100 Club.