Daughter raises thousands for mum

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The daughter of a Sheffield mum diagnosed with incurable blood cancer is raising funds for Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Liz Cassidy, of Crookes, was shocked and upset when her mum, Caroline, was diagnosed with myeloma last year, after suffering with persistent flu-like symptoms and severe back pain.

The 33-year-old has now raised £2,500 for the Royal Hallamshire Hospital that treated her mum, by hosting a ladies night. The money raised will help fund a research project which aims to develop a cure myeloma. The project, which uses a genetically engineered virus to target and kill the cancerous myeloma cells without affecting healthy cells - needs £90,000 to continue the research over the next three years.

Liz said: “Prior to her diagnosis my mum had been suffering with flu-like symptoms and was feeling unwell much more than normal. She then started suffering with severe back pain, which despite trying physiotherapy and Pilates, did not improve.

“Her GP took a blood test which showed some inflammatory markers, and a bone marrow biopsy confirmed myeloma.

“I think my lack of understanding initially made it difficult to come to terms with, but over time, I have found out more information about myeloma and have made a conscious choice to be thankful for the amazing treatment that she has had access to.

“My mum is a very positive person and she has worked hard to remain optimistic which I am so proud of. She is still the amazing wife, mother and granny that she has always been and I know that her diagnosis won’t change this.”