'˜The Darker The Sky' - Ian's ode to Yorkshire '˜s night skies

An ode to Yorkshire's night sky has been released by Ian McMillan, ahead of the Dark Skies Festival next month.

Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 5:00 am

‘The darker the sky, the more you can see; the blacker the night, the brighter the moon, the dimmer the streets, the stronger the glow; the deeper the shade, the lighter the view. The map of the heavens, the time and the space; the distance they travel, the cities of stars; the trail of a comet, the satellite’s stroll; the football of Venus, the beach ball of Mars.’

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‘The blindness of headlights, the dazzling fire; the hint of a sunrise, the dawn’s subtle kiss; the straining of tired eyes, the lamp in the face; the struggle to notice, the sights we all miss.

‘The hope for the future: the sky’s welcome gleam; the Milky Way’s jewels, the meteor’s trail; the old constellations, the space-station’s glint; the inky sea’s waiting; the night boat sets sail.