Daring South Yorkshire duo’s charity mission

Mark Brown and Danny Brown who will kayak from Wales to Ireland for charity later this year.
Mark Brown and Danny Brown who will kayak from Wales to Ireland for charity later this year.
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Two South Yorkshire thrillseekers are preparing to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

Pals Danny Brown and Mark Brown helped to raise £3,500 for Children With Cancer UK last year in a series of daredevils stunts that saw them run marathons, abseil down mountains, skydive and bungee jump.

And now they’re taking things one step further with their most dangerous physical challenge yet, as they prepare to kayak from the mainland of Wales all the way to Ireland.

“I believe we’re the first people to ever attempt a crossing from Anglesea to Dublin in a double-kayak,” said 42-year-old Danny, of Mexborough.

“We’ll have to leave the mainland at 10pm, just before high tide, in complete darkness. We’ll have no support vessel with us and will have to paddle non-stop at a minimum pace of 10km per hour for over 18 hours, or we’ll miss the high tide cycle in Ireland.

“Scarily, a wave of just two foot is strong enough to capsize our tiny kayak and we’re expecting to capsize a number of times. We must get adept at getting ourselves back into the kayak without getting into difficulties and before hyperthermia sets in. The whole trip is riddled with dangers.”

The pair plan to set off on their challenging trip as soon as the winter breaks, around April. Until then, they’re spending the bitter winter months training on local canals, reservoirs and rivers.

The duo are both members of The Yorkshire Puddings, a small group of fundraisers who complete amazing athletic stunts to raise money for charity.

Danny said: “We like to do things that test us.

“Our fitness level is decent for our ages, 42 and 40, but we’re not 20 anymore and we know it.

“Four people die from kayaking in the seas around Britain every year, so that’s a scary statistic and that means preparing thoroughly.”

Visit justgiving.com/paddleacrossthesea