Dangerous masonry found on Longshaw estate

Dangerous masonry at Longshaw prompts new visitor safety initiative
Dangerous masonry at Longshaw prompts new visitor safety initiative
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Dangerous masonry on the Longshaw estate in the Peak District has prompted a new safety initiative.

The Friends of the National Trust, a newly formed independent group, is spearheading the campaign, after a 13.4kg stone finial on the roof of Longshaw Lodge was found to be at risk of crashing to the ground below.

The group said it was through ‘sheer good fortune’ that the masonry had not fallen off the roof.

Split in two places, the stone roof detail was secured with a fastening that had perished.

A second finial, also showing cracks, was identified by a visitor just above a main thoroughfare to the tea rooms, public toilets and kitchen gardens.

With building inspections carried out by the National Trust every five years, a campaign urging visitors to report safety concerns has been launched.

The Friends of the National Trust group wants visitors and volunteers at all National Trust properties to get involved.

A spokesman said: “By launching the campaign we want to enable the National Trust to take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

“The National Trust’s property portfolio is vast. While inspections take place every five years buildings, especially old buildings, can deteriorate quickly.

“By encouraging the millions of visitors and 62,000 volunteers who give their time to the organisation we hope they will ensure a closer eye is kept on the state of buildings.

“Any health and safety concerns raised will then be flagged up with the Trust to ensure they focus on matters that need urgent attention.”

Visit www.friendsofthenationaltrust.co.uk