Danger that country may be sinking

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The Chief Constable moans about police cuts and how we’ll have fewer police for call-outs. What a laugh!

If you phone to speak to a PC, the one you’re meant to deal with is either on leave, off sick or has gone off duty. “No, sorry, no-one else can deal with your enquiry. He/she will be back on duty a week on Friday.”

We don’t see the police on our streets now and haven’t done so for years. We just see a police car. We hear that they spend more time on their bums than out of the station.

We have the police who call when they can; the CPS who prosecute if they feel like it. Finally, the judges, who are so out of touch, it’s unbelievable.

Sentencing times don’t mean a thing. Parole officers? What is their role?

Whatever it is, it has failed. There is more re-offending each year.

The NHS is in dire need of change, with some brilliant, caring staff, but some who couldn’t care less. This divide needs monitoring and the chaff chucked out.

Benefits have been abused for years. Hopefully this is now in the loop.

Why should civil servants and public sector workers have a huge bonus on top of their not-so-bad salaries?

We also have many pupils leaving school not able to write, read or add up.

So, let us give David Cameron a chance to change all the above, which we have to admit we have all chuntered about.

Redundancies and job losses are soul-destroying so the Prime Minister has to get back to jobs-for-the-British at the top of the list.

It is a huge job but we cannot carry on as we have been doing, or the country will sink.

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