Danger road claims driver

Lisa Higson at the bend near the  junction of Jenkin Road and Jenkin Avenue
Lisa Higson at the bend near the junction of Jenkin Road and Jenkin Avenue
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Lisa Higton approached Sheffield’s worst bend with caution – but like some nightmarish fairground waltzer ride her car began to spin.

The 43-year-old could only cling on for dear life as her revolving Fiesta picked up speed and slid down Jenkin Road in Wincobank.

The vehicle slewed across the carriageway and completed two full turns before coming to rest in the opposite direction on the opposite side of the road.

Lisa, of Dunella Road, Hillsborough, said the near miss on a damp afternoon had given her nightmares at what could have been.

Lisa said: “I could have been killed – thank God no-one was coming the other way.

“I was aware of the bend’s reputation so I was only doing 20mph in the first place. I was terrified.

“A neighbour came out and said their walls are demolished as soon as they rebuild them.”

Lisa is just the latest motorist to reap the whirlwind of a steep, sharp bend – and inadequate grip.

It has been dubbed Sheffield’s worst bend because of the daily catalogue of incidents which residents fear could end in tragedy.

A council spokesman said resurfacing work would start a week on Monday, March 7.

He said: “In the meantime we have agreed to put out additional ‘slippery road’ signs on the downhill approach to the bend.”

The work was due to be done late last year but the work was axed in a round of funding cuts.