Danger paths repair delight

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A SHEFFIELD woman who was outraged by the state of the roads and pavements in her area was stunned when workmen came and made the necessary repairs – just a day after her concerns were raised in The Star.

Jacqueline Milner, aged 68, from Stannington, who is secretary of Sheffield Pensioners’ Action Group, criticised Sheffield Council for spending money lowering kerbs when she said the state of surfaces was disgraceful and dangerous for blind and elderly people.

She said: “The day after The Star published the story we had a visit from workmen to come and repair the damage. I cannot believe they have repaired the roads the way they have and believe they have performed a suitable adequate repair.”

Mrs Milner said the poor condition of footpaths meant her mother, who died two years ago and suffered blindness, could not leave her house without assistance.