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In regard to the article on speed cameras, may I quote the old saying: ‘The most dangerous part of a vehicle is the nut behind the wheel’.

Speed limits are imposed to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

If every driver obeyed the law and kept within the limit, speed cameras would earn nothing. So to those who think there is a conspiracy to make mega-bucks in fines, there is a simple fact: break the law and you pay the fine!

As to why there has been an increase in accidents in the areas described in the article may I suggest there are now more vehicles on the roads in question, particularly at busy times and would imply increased collisions?

In the current troubled times, changes in employment may produce greater stress levels which may ultimately affect a driver’s competence to control their machine.

Are there more hazards such as pedestrians, confusing road markings, traffic lights to negotiate in these areas? Also, road surfaces in Sheffield are poor, thanks to the policies of local and national government, putting drivers at greater risk, particularly in bad weather.

There has been a rash of introducing ludicrous ‘road safety’ measures, two examples being humps which affect car control and deliberate road narrowing, forcing vehicles to meet head-on.

One measure which could be considered concerns drivers who have a blatant disregard for others. They treat the highway as their God-given right and when caught often receive a derisory fine as punishment.

If we are to make significant progress towards reducing the 25,000 casualties and almost 3,000 deaths a year we must remove these drivers from our roads through bans of years rather than months, with a life ban for the more serious offenders.

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Diary columnist Colin Drury (Aug 29) says Rob Prior of the Motorists’ Forum stated that speed cameras were there to make money. It was me who was quoted as saying that. It is also an opinion shared by thousands.

Mac Millard