Daffodils will bloom again

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There is nothing like an election to liven up communities so perhaps could I use Your Say to reassure the people of Wincobank and Shiregreen that the daffodils which have been ripped up during the relaying of the electric cables for new street lighting along Woolley Wood bottom will be replaced in autumn.

I am also assured by Streets Ahead that the entrance into Wincobank along the road will be returned to its former glory.

I would also like to tell the people of Shiregreen that the estate was the first in the city to have its roads, pavements, verges and street lighting renewed in the Phase B of the City Plan.

But unfortunately those roads which are bus routes, like Hartley Brook Road etc come under the Phase A and will be renewed in a later round.

This was done to try to reduce the amount of traffic disruption that would have been caused if all the roads had been attempted at once.

Coun Peter Price

by email