Dad’s plot to kill his enemy

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A dad from Sheffield orchestrated a plot to murder his arch enemy in Pakistan after a feud between the two men escalated out of control.

Wazeem Fazal, aged 31, is accused along with four other men of plotting to hire a hitman and gun down Zahid Rehman, after Mr Rehman wrote to social services telling them Fazal was a drug dealer, a robber and a benefits cheat, a court heard.

Peter Moulson QC, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court Fazal planned to carry out the hit in Pakistan while Mr Rehman was there last September, so he would be out of the jurisdiction of UK authorities.

He said: “The defendants are charged with conspiracy to murder Zahid Rehman. 
“The prosecution contend that, in early September last year, the defendants, by their words or conduct, agreed to play a part in having Mr Rehman killed.

“You will hear about a dispute between Wazeem Fazal and Mr Rehman and of urgent plans being made to travel to Pakistan. 
“Documents were sought to facilitate that and inquiries made of others to help them to carry out the plan.”

Mr Moulson said there was a history of animosity between the men.

“It appears a dispute had been running between Mr Rehman and the principal defendant Fazal, which came to a head. On September 3, an anonymous letter was received by social services in Rotherham concerning Fazal and his partner Charmaine Joseph.

“It said Fazal was committing a number of offences including benefit fraud, drug dealing, robbery and kidnap.”

The letter said Fazal, a father of twins, stayed with his partner every night despite being banned from doing so by a court order, and was a ‘violent drug dealer’ who ‘used cocaine constantly’.

It also claimed he was bully who kidnapped and robbed victims.

Mr Moulson said the authorities bugged Fazal’s Mitsubishi car and recorded conversations in which he plotted to murder Mr Rehman, but the plot was foiled.

He said: “The defendants acted loosely as a team. Each had a different role.”

Mr Moulson told the jury Fazal, of Slayleigh Lane, Fulwood, was the protagonist.

His friend Imran Shaukat, 33, whose address was given as HMP Doncaster, encouraged and assisted him; Fakhar Shah, 50, of School Road, Beighton, provided a link to a possible hitman; Syed Hussain, 43, of Ilford, Essex, contacted people in Pakistan to assist with the killing, while Tariq Sarwar, 45, also of Ilford, Essex, talked about hiring a hitman.

Mr Moulson said the defendants were likely to argue their conversations were not serious, and they were just ‘bigging themselves up’.

All deny conspiracy to murder.

The trial continues.