Dad recalls his horror as he went to check on twin tot

Maizie Robinson
Maizie Robinson
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A HEARTBROKEN dad has spoken of the devastating moment he found one of his twin baby daughters dead in her brand new cot.

Six-month-old Maizie Robinson was said to be the healthier and larger of the two girls born to Laura Jackson in March last year. Doctors have been unable to say what caused her death.

Their dad, Sean Robinson, aged 26, made the horrifying discovery when he went in to Maizie’s room to check on her on the morning of September 17.

“I saw her lying on her stomach face down, and as soon as I saw her I knew something was wrong,” he said. “She was not moving. I grabbed her and saw her face was blue, she was cold, lifeless and floppy.

“As soon as I saw her face I knew she was dead.”

Mr Robinson, of Fowler Crescent, Rossington, ran to rouse Laura and between them they tried to give their baby CPR.

“I blew into her mouth and I told Laura to do the chest compressions. I was in a panic. I knew Maizie was dead but I wanted someone to bring her back.”

Maizie and her sister, Millie, were born nine weeks prematurely but Maizie was half as big again and continued to thrive, whereas Millie had medical problems, the Doncaster inquest was told.

Mr Robinson said Maizie was a good sleeper and was the easier of the two babies to look after.

A week before her death the couple had bought two new cots and mattresses, and Maizie had been sleeping in hers in her own bedroom for a few nights because she was big enough for it.

“We would check on her because she wriggled about a lot and had to be moved into the middle,” he said. “I checked on her on several occasions, and sometimes she had her arm or leg stuck in the bars and I had to move her back into the middle.”

A post-mortem examination by Dr Mudher Al Adnani, a paediatric pathologist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, found Maizie was well-cared for and nourished, with no signs of trauma.

“Everything was normal and there was nothing to point in a particular direction and nothing to explain the death,” he said.

Dr Al Adnani gave the only possible cause of death as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Doncaster coroner Nicola Mundy said Maizie was the larger and healthier of the twins and there was no evidence of any significant health problems. “The pathologist is not able to find any abnormalities and nothing that would account for her death,” she said.

Recording a verdict of natural causes, the coroner expressed her sympathies to the parents.