Dad of murdered Rotherham teenager hits out at killer for lack of remorse

Leonne Weeks was stabbed to death
Leonne Weeks was stabbed to death

The devastated dad of a Rotherham teenager stabbed 28 times has hit out at her killer for showing a lack of 'remorse'.

Darran Weeks stormed out of Sheffield Crown Court last week during a hearing in which Shea Peter Heeley, aged 19, admitted killing his 16-old daughter, Leonne Weeks, in an attack in Dinnington in January 2017.

Shea Peter Heeley

Shea Peter Heeley

There were angry outbursts from Mr Weeks and another man in the public gallery when Leonne's killer was led into the dock, flanked by security guards, to admit to his actions for the first time.

Heeley, of Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington, was warned to expect revenge and now Mr Weeks has repeated the threats on social media.

Posting on Facebook, Mr Weeks branded Heeley 'evil' and claimed he had 'smirked' at him from the dock during last Friday's hearing.

He wrote: "The horrible evil ******* thought it was alright to smirk at me, no remorse at all, but I will have my day and I hope everyone that’s supporting him starts running and holds their heads in shame cos they're as bad as him. I hope one day I can get my hands on him.

"He stabbed my daughter to death, she was 16 year old

"He is a scumbag and he is going to get what’s coming to him, I promise you that.

"I wish I could have five minutes with him, but my day will come one day."

Leonne was found slumped on a footpath just off Lordens Hill, Dinnington, after being stabbed 28 times in her head and upper body.

Her body was concealed under a discarded sofa and found by a member of the public, who raised the alarm.

Heeley, who is to be sentenced next month, was told by Judge Paul Watson QC to expect to be jailed 'for a very long time indeed' when the tariff is set for the minimum number of years he must spend behind bars before he can be considered for parole.