Dad kicks up stink over raw sewage pipe delays

Lawrence Ward with the now covered up open sewer
Lawrence Ward with the now covered up open sewer
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A LEAKING pipe which sent raw sewage on to a grass verge where children play for more than a year has just been fixed - after The Star intervened.

Disgusted dad Stephen Clark from Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, first reported the public health hazard outside his home in July last year.

But after 15 months, and no repairs, he got so fed up of complaining he contacted The Star.

“To wait this long for a repair is disgusting,” he said.

Sheffield Council is now “dealing with the issue as a matter of urgency” - and an inquiry is under way into why it took so long for the repair to be carried out.

“We are currently investigating why this delay occurred, and looking at measures to prevent further delays in the future,” said the council’s public protection manager, James Richards.

Lorry driver Stephen, his wife Nola, and their children Suriah, four, and Charlie, eight months, live in Spring Close Mount, Gleadless Valley.

Stephen said the foul-smelling sewage was seeping up from the open drain.

“As well as my own children, there are other youngsters on the street and some of the older residents have grandchildren to stay,” said Stephen.

“You would have thought the authorities would have worked out who was responsible quickly and got on with it.”

But Stephen said Yorkshire Water denied responsibility for the leak because it was on council property. Sheffield Council said the damaged pipe was up to Yorkshire Water to fix.

But Yorkshire Water said: “On this occasion, the source of the escape is related to a private pipe which is the responsibility of the landowner.”