Dad and daughter duo from Sheffield aim to row £3,400 miles across the Atlantic Ocean

A father and daughter duo are hoping rowing themselves into the history books by crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Friday, 1st February 2019, 11:20 am
Updated Friday, 1st February 2019, 11:28 am
Dad and daughter duo Libby and John Beeden, originally from Sheffield, are aiming to row 3.400 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

Libby and John Beeden are already over half way on their journey from Portimao, Portugal to the English Harbour, Antigua, which is around 3,400 nautical miles.

The pair hope to complete with their adventure around Saturday February 15. They off from Portugal on November 30 their 6.1m long ocean rowing boat and estimated that the journey would take them between 70 and 90 days.

The duo 24 hours a day, when it is safe to do so, taking shifts which vary from one to three hours in length.

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When not rowing they are preparing food, doing daily chores, catching up on their sleep or writing their daily blog.  

Early on in their journey, Libby said “During my first three hour shift last night, the dolphins were playing around the boat the entire time.

“I loved It but I was mega distracted and got a bit off course. I noticed that with about half an hour to go and got back on track enough that dad wouldn’t notice. Probably the best part of this trip so far”.  

John and Libby were both born in Sheffield, but John now lives in Canada while Libby lives in London.

 To date, the pair have been pushed to the extreme, they have suffered from the extreme weather conditions, a few near capsizes, severe sea sickness, sleep deprivation, blisters and aching muscles and joints along with a few other minor medical conditions, but they are determined to succeed and are carrying on with their rowing challenge.

To read more about Libby and John's journey so far, check out their website at You can follow their tracker from their website which shows where they are in the Atlantic.