D-Day Veterans stand together in remembrance of the fallen

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Normandy Veterans, Sheffield and District joined together today at their annual D Day commemoration.

The service was held at Barkers Pool at 10.45am, and for the first time was lead by a Priest.

Parade Marshall, Don Gillott, 87 began the ceremony by calling the parade to attention as the veterans stood at the memorial.

The veteran's, whos eldest member is 97 and youngest is 91, were supported by family members and friends.

The Priest who was 'honoured' to be leading the service said: "on this day we meet to commemorate those who died".

During the service which lasted around 20 minutes the Priest read from the 23rd Psalm and Matthew's Gospel chapter 5.

Afterwards he said: "Sacrifice is a word I want to focus on, as Jesus gave his life for us like the soldiers in Normandy sacrificed theirs"

He continued: "all those who gave their life in Normandy are heroes"

"It is our duty to flag up their sacrifice by acts of remembrance every year - so that we never forget the story."

Following this, Veteran Gordon Drabble, 92 stood forward and read out the Normandy Veteran's prayer as the crowd listened in silence.

At the end of the service the eldest member of the group, Cyril Elliott, 97 laid a wreath on the war memorial and gave a respectful salute.

A minutes silence was then held to think about those that had sacrificed their lives, which was signaled by a bugler playing 'The Last Post'.

Don Gillott dismissed the parade from attention at the end of the service and wished everyone a safe journey home.

He said: "Calling the troops to attention these days is comparatively easily to what it used to be"

The Sheffield Veteran's group meets once a month at the Farm Road sports and social club.

Some of the veterans have been attending events in Normandy this year it was decided to hold the event in Sheffield on the 14th of June instead of the usual 6th June.