Cyclists complain after Sheffield council erect speed limit sign in the middle of busy pavement

Sheffield cyclists were left confused after a speed limit sign was erected in the middle of a busy pavement.

Friday, 1st March 2019, 2:42 pm
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 2:47 pm
Sign in the middle of pavement - Credit: @mathgilbert

Cyclists took to Twitter after the council put up a new speed limit sign in the middle of the pavement on St George’s Terrace. 

The pavement is popular with pedestrians and cyclists, prompting many people to get in touch with the council about the issue. 

Sign in the middle of pavement - Credit: @mathgilbert

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Writing on Twitter, Math Gilbert wrote: “Hi @streetsahead. Wondering why your staff decided to place this speed limit sign bang smack in the middle of a cycle lane on St George's Terrace in Sheffield yesterday? @CycleSheffield”

Andy Willis replied: “It would be so laughable if it wasn't so dangerous. Councillors, police, contractors et al should be made to cycle an area once a week and see for themselves how their descions affect things.”

Sheffield council has stressed that the pavement isn’t an official cycle lane but have agreed to relocate the sign to help cyclists. 

An Amey spokesperson said: “The pavement where the speed sign is erected  is not an official cycle lane, although we acknowledge that it is used by both cyclists and pedestrians.

“However, we have reviewed the position of the sign and, working with the council, have agreed to relocate it closer to the wall to ensure safer passage for all users. This will be done in the next few days.”