Cyclist stabbed passer-by on Sheffield street

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A cyclist who stabbed a passer-by after an altercation about him speeding on the pavement came off worse, a court heard.

Lewis Kolade, aged 20, and pedestrian Ahmad Najib squared up when Kolade brushed past him on London Road in Sheffield.

Kolade got off his bike threw a punch and stabbed the innocent man causing two wounds to his forearm which needed stitches.

But Mr Najib fought back in self-defence and Kolade’s jaw was broken in two places.

The incident was captured on CCTV and shown to a judge at Sheffield Crown Court.

Kolade, of Lancing Road, Highfield, Sheffield, admitted wounding, possessing a blade and possessing a small amount of cannabis during the incident on Thursday, June 12.

Prosecutor Bev Tait said Mr Najib was walking along London Road when Kolade passed him on the pavement.

Mr Najib stared at Kolade who dismounted and confronted him.

Kolade said: “You are looking at me.”

But the complainant refused to be bullied and replied: “What are you going to do?”

It was then that Kolade pulled out his knife.

The victim needed five stitches to his arm following the altercation.

Claire Larton, defending, said Kolade’s jaw was broken in two places.

“It was over in seconds, it was a very brief altercation,” she said.

Recorder Felicity Davies sent Kolade to a young offenders’ institution for 14 months.

She said he had been ‘emboldened’ by the knife in his pocket and could have killed Mr Najib adding: “You shouldn’t have been on the pavement anyway.”

“It is a perfect demonstration of how dangerous it is when young men like you go out on the street putting a knife in the pocket.”