Cyclist left for dead in hit-and-run lost a leg in a horror motorbike smash eight years earlier

John Glavrey
John Glavrey
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A cyclist left for dead in a hit-and run had a leg amputated eight years ago after a horror motorbike smash.

John Glarvey, aged 64, from Warmsworth, suffered a broken sternum and a double collarbone fracture when he was knocked off his bike on Great Yorkshire Way, Finningley, on Sunday morning.

John Glavrey

John Glavrey

The married dad-of-two, who has two grandchildren, was on a leisurely ride when he was struck by a vehicle and left for dead by a motorist who failed to stop at the scene.

An off-duty doctor and nurse spotted the cyclist unconscious in the road and stopped to help until paramedics arrived to take him to hospital.

Mr Glarvey, who is appealing for the motorist who hit him to come forward, was involved in another horror crash which led to his leg being amputated eight years ago.

The retired NHS worker, who used to decontaminate hospitals, was involved in a collision with a car in 2004 and suffered a serious leg injury which failed to heal and the limb was eventually amputated four years later.

He said he was disappointed that the motorist who struck him on Sunday failed to stop to help him.

"I was knocked unconscious and all I can remember is waking up in terrible pain with lots of people around me," he said.

"It has brought all the memories of the last crash and what I went through back to me.

"What is disappointing and upsets me is that whoever was involved in the crash on Sunday just left me there for dead without a thought.

"It has been said that maybe after a few days their conscience will get the better of them and they will come forward - I hope so.

"Anyone who leaves somebody after a crash, without even knowing if they are dead or alive, doesn't deserve to be on the roads."

A police probe into the collision is underway.

Witnesses or anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.