Cycle race

Great news that another cycle race is coming to our area, and many thanks for publishing all the places to avoid on those days.

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 5:09 am
Updated Thursday, 14th December 2017, 5:15 am
HSBC Sheffield Cycle Grand Prix Start of the womens race

This means the roads get re-surfaced for the benefit of those of us who actually pay to use them, ie. motorists.

B Newbold

School Walk, Old Edlington

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Home office relocation

It seems that the Home Office is struggling to persuade staff to relocate to Sheffield.

Could this be because they’ve heard about those in the Town Hall who are supposed to be running the city?

Maybe also the fact that most of the luxury apartments being built here are for students and in the not too distant future it may be necessary to take Chinese lessons.

JD Arnold


Cherry tree poem

A beautiful, healthy cherry tree on our road will join the thousands of other Sheffield trees felled as part of the Streets Ahead Programme.

As a family we have enjoyed the onset of Spring each year which brings forth a wonderful, dense pink canopy of blossom and soft, snowy carpet covering the pavement. Like so many other people across the city, we will have to endure, stand by and watch the death of a perfectly healthy tree.

My voice feels unheard, my right to protest feels disrespected and futile. Never have I felt so utterly powerless to act in a useful way. As a family, we will hang up Christmas decorations on the tree and enjoy its last few days. As the season of good will is nearly amongst us, it seems fitting to protest in song! These words are set to the beautiful carol, Oh Christmas tree.

Oh cherry tree, Oh cherry tree, how lovely are thy branches,

Oh cherry tree, Oh cherry tree, how lovely are thy branches.

Each year you bring to us delight, Pink clouds of blossom and of white;

Oh cherry tree, Oh cherry tree how lovely are thy branches.

Oh cherry tree, Oh cherry tree, you stand in splendid beauty,

Oh cherry tree, Oh cherry tree, you stand in splendid beauty.

Its true you are a healthy tree with years of life still left in thee;

Oh cherry tree, Oh cherry tree you stand in splendid beauty.

Oh Sheffield trees, Oh Sheffield trees we won’t forget your needless fate,

Felled in your prime, we tried so hard to make our voices heard.

We’ll miss your leaves and blooms in Spring, the reds and golds of Autumn,

But come next May, our voice is one, the right to vote our weapon.

Maria Davey

Aldred Road, Crookes, Sheffield.

The Bank R.I.P

So… They’ve made a big decision that doesn’t seem to tally

It seems no bank is needed, out here in Stocksbridge Valley

Happy Valley’s booming, the outlook seemed quite sunny

But someone has decided that we won’t be needing money

So… They’ve made a big decision. To me it’s really strange

That from next June the traders here won’t be needing change

Someone’s glanced once at the figures, and crossed us off in red

“You people don’t need money here, just use your cards instead”

So… They’ve made a big decision. Really? Blooming Heck!

“Bus driver please be patient because I have to write a cheque”

The older folks in Stocky won’t pay by card instead

They’ll keep their ready money underneath their bed

The Stocksbridge branch, and Penistone and also Hillsborough too

Are pencilled in for closure, so what are we to do?

You’d think with a monopoly that they’d be doing well

Their trusting loyal customers can all just go to Hell

Not so very long ago they needed bailing out

And they’ll still be getting bonus cheques, you needn’t have a doubt

And don’t forget their high street staff, they’re not being treated fair

They’ve also lost their livelihoods but the fat cats just don’t care

There’s the bank down at the Post Office inside of the Co-op

But we’d have to queue outside the door and three times round the shop

What we need in Stocksbridge is a stay of execution

Maybe Mr Dransfield can come up with a solution

So, they’ve made a big decision, down there in London town

They say it’s done and dusted, the bank will soon close down

I’ve been a loyal customer for more than forty years

But that really doesn’t matter because no one really cares

Paul Carey

Stocksbridge, Sheffield

BBC Look North game

We lot at our house have invented a new Tv watching game namely we have a sweep stake as to how many times our South Yorks region comprising of over one point four million people will get a mention on the nightly BBC Look North. At the same time we compare the times a mention is given to the City of Leeds just thirty miles up the M.1 who have a population of around 780,000 .

Leeds it seems always wins the sweep stake hands downl with just this one night Tuesday, December 5, getting the very word Leeds mentioned 27 times while our own area inc Sheffield (four times) Barnsley nil, and Rotherham nil making it (Look Leeds) once again the out right winner. It seems as though the Ballet dancing, Rounday Park walking and, Traffic fumes along with Leeds Grand Theatre are much more news worthy than any similar happenings in our vastly populated areas.

Although there was no sport reporting on this Tuesdays show usually we would get all thing Leeds United in any football reports, this despite the fact that this particular football team is miles behind the two Sheffield clubs in both honors and history . Sadly cricket has followed the trend and now is centered in Leeds while its City of invention (also including football) is ignored . We licence payers in South Yorkshire are being short changed by the big time Charly’s who run the BBC up in Leeds and it is about time the powers that be recognized this blatant practice and made BBC in the North fair to all in the County of Yorkshire and not just the Prima Donner’s up the M1.

Licence payer

by email

We’re gonna build that wall

Angela Merkle was the thorn in Britain’s side, she’s on her way out to be replaced by Arlene Foster.

She knows what she wants for Northern Ireland and she’s gonna get her own way as Theresa can’t have her not voting with the Tories and going over to Jeremy’s side. She should perhaps take on the Donald’s advice, we’re gonna build that wall.

Jayne Grayson

by email