Cuttin' It, Crucible Studio

Sheffield sees the stage première of Charlene James' devastating new play next week.

Tsion Habte (Iqra) and Adelayo Adedayo (Muna) in Cuttin' It
Tsion Habte (Iqra) and Adelayo Adedayo (Muna) in Cuttin' It

The play highlights the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK.

Iqra (Tsion Habte) and Muna (Adelayo Adedayo) both live in the UK.

They’re 15 years old, go to the same school and were both born in Somalia but they seem to come from different worlds.

Muna wears Top Shop and sits on the top deck of the bus, gossiping about Nicki Minaj’s latest beef, while Iqra sits alone downstairs in her charity shop hand-me-downs.

But as they get closer, they realise that their families share a painful secret.

Tackling the urgent issue of FGM in Britain, Cuttin’ It reveals the price some girls pay to become a woman.

Charlene James’ play looks at 
ritual, shame and bravery through the prism of different cultural perspectives. The script won Charlene two awards.

A work that aims to speak to young women across the UK, 
Cuttin’ It highlights the issue of FGM here and abroad.

Cuttin’ It comes to the Studio next week from Wednesday to Saturday as part of a UK tour.

Box office: at the theatre, call 0114 249 6000 or go online at Sheffield Theatres