Cuts to the welfare bill

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Surprise, surprise! The Tory ‘nasty party’, led by the “working class government” of ‘Posh’ Dave and ‘Squeaky’ George, decide their mandate of 36 per cent of the electoral vote to implement a further £12 billion/annum cuts to the welfare budget is fine and sod the other 64 per cent who are against it.

These cuts only affect the most vulnerable of our society and are a disgrace.

If we were a banana republic these morons would now be hanging from the nearest tree being pelted with Bullingdon Club regalia.

Of course these impersonators of the human race have no shame whatsoever when attacking the ‘lower classes’ of our society and are no different to their ‘nasty party’ predessessers.

As we all know a leopard never ever changes it’s spots.

Make sure you watch to see whose hands go up, from all parties, when the vote is taken to pass this rotten mandate onto the statute book.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74