Cuts are tough but deliverable

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I WAS interested to read how the new Labour finance chief desperately justified council tax increases and fortnightly bin collections (May 20), despite their silence on these issues before the election.

I was responsible for this year’s budget and can confirm that the chief executive agreed the savings were tough but deliverable.

We left a record amount of reserves and a budget surplus of around £10.5m. And we made a number of tough decisions such as freezing pay, which will continue to save millions over the coming year.

Labour’s false outrage at the state of the finances is nothing more than political cover for the unpopular policies they want to enact. They’ve already committed to spending an extra £2.5m on pet projects. It’s no coincidence that moving to a fortnightly bin collection would save around £2.5m.

Coun Simon Clement-Jones, Shadow Cabinet member, finance