Cute things

As sure as night follows day Mrs S Richardson would add her comments to anybody wanting to cull wild pigeons.

Monday, 13th November 2017, 6:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 8:25 am
Pigeons at The Moor are becoming a problem

Some years ago the same subject was in the news, then she used a four-letter word to describe pigeons, yes, it’s a fact, she referred to them as cute. The reason I remember this is because my wife had an unfortunate incident with these cute birds.

About 40 years ago when we lived in Hillsborough, we had been shopping in the town, on our way back to catch the bus in Snig Hill, we stopped to look in a shop window, yes you guessed it my wife’s hair was covered in the cute little things’ droppings.

What a mess they had made of her hair. We cleaned her up as best we could. She couldn’t get home fast enough to sanitise her hair. So much for the cute little things. Anybody feeding them should be made to clean up and pay for the damage they cause to our Victorian buildings.

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M Thompson

Meadowhall Road, Rotherham, S61

Vernon Road oak tree

We are about to witness the worst act of corporate vandalism yet perpetrated under the dubious Amey Contract, in the destruction of the magnificent oak tree on Vernon Road, Dore. There is no evidence of this tree meeting any of the six criteria for removal, that cannot be remedied by a minimal adjustment of one stone kerb, about one inch vertically.

This tree has stood there unmolested for at least 80 years, and at no time has it been any impediment to anyone. Its canopy is estimated to be the equivalent of 100 saplings of 5ft diameter, which individually can never be considered as an adequate replacement on a one-for-one basis.

Until the public are permitted to view the contract, the veracity of the council’s claims will be forever doubted on such matters as numbers to be removed, costs for not doing works on the one tree or the several memorial ones elsewhere and the alleged site visits and perusal of hundreds of photographs taken by Amey.

Ian Laurie

Totley Grange Road, Sheffield, S17

Filthy Doncaster

Re, the filthy state in and around Doncaster. The truth is out! Now we know why Doncaster is looking like the pictures you see from the third world countries, filthy and like bomb sites.

It has come to my knowledge that in the last few years the labour force of the cleansing section has been reduced by over 50 per cent, (this is the cleansing teams), while the management section has been increased. Does this make sense to anyone? Well apparently it does to the cabinet members and the top-tier officers.

Doncaster is the largest metropolitan borough in the UK and we have roughly 45 cleaning staff to cover all areas. Take out the drivers of the mechanical sweepers and gully emptying machines and you are left with a cleansing workforce of roughly 25.

So where is the problem? Too many staff sat on their backsides playing games on the council computers and not getting around the areas that they are supposed to manage.

Time for a massive shake-up in the council management structure, also get the right priorities in place before you slam another council tax increase at the ratepayers early in 2018.

Even money being taken for a 2.9 per cent increase.

G Martin

Balby, Doncaster

Tribute to Alex Moore

Liz and I agreed today that we both wanted to write to you to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with Alex and what a genuine supporter of this city, and indeed its heritage, we have found him to be.

He has always been so approachable, helpful and sincere, whenever we have contacted him for support and action on our pet causes.

Liz and I sometimes feel a bit glum about the prospects for this city, but we always knew we could rely on Alex to respond positively to our suggestions and requests.

Sheffield Heritage Open days is grateful to him and we would both like to wish him all the best for his future.

Sheffield will miss him.

Louise Watt and Liz Godfrey

Sheffield Civic Trust and Sheffield HODs

Quick entry

Inching my way through immigration on returning to the UK recently it occurred to me how much Brexit could improve the speed of the process in future. Only foreigners need have their documents examined whilst UK citizens should be able to speed past the queues with a “Schengen Wave” of their blue passport.

John Eoin Douglas

by email

Emergency services

It’s no surprise that attacks on our overworked emergency services are becoming more and more common.

We have a growing population, an increase in shootings, stabbings, armed robberies, all forms of serious crime.

Less and less money is spent each year on our police force, they have less resources in manpower and technology than ever before.

So it is inevitable that the lawless elements are increasing and taking advantage of this.

We elect people to represent us in the council chamber and in parliament, to spend our taxes wisely, to give us the best possible public services.

But I’m afraid it isn’t happening, we are now no longer safe on our streets.

When our emergency services are being attacked on a regular basis it is time we as an electorate demand of the people we have elected to give us a police force which can protect us and the rest of the emergency services.


by email

Blast from the past

OMD at the City Hall, what a blast from the 80s past.

All the hits and more, all us oldies dancing like no one was watching and front man Andy McCluskey still has the same dance moves.

Bit of nostalgic pop, just what you need on a cold winter’s night.

And we say Sheffield doesn’t get great gigs these days.

Forget the Arena, it’s all going on at the City Hall.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Where were you then?

Can I ask all those upset about tree management, especially those dedicated to our war heroes, where were you all on the various anniversaries of these fallen heroes?

Certainly not tying ribbons around them then.

I wonder if they would like to be remembered as pawns in a legal battle rather than pawns in a battle to save the country.

Brian J

by email