Customers' fury as Sheffield branches of Greggs stop selling scones

Greggs branches have stopped selling scones.
Greggs branches have stopped selling scones.
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Customers have been left fuming after bakery giant Greggs announced it is no longer selling scones.

Fruit, cheese and bran scones have been a staple at the nationwide bakery for decades, but it was this week confirmed they’ve been scrapped - including at the firm's stores in Sheffield.

Greggs bosses says the baked treats have been ditched from the firm's 1,700 stores following a dip in popularity.

And The Sun has reported that customers have been reacting angrily to the news.

Scone fan Simon Reeves, 36, of Harrow, north west London, was stunned to discover his favourite treat had been scrapped.

After asking for a scone in store, he said: “The lady behind the counter looked at me as if I was mad when I asked for a fruit scone.

“She said they didn’t sell scones and asked if I wanted a sausage roll instead!”

Customer Jessica Roberts said one woman “kicked off” after being told there were no scones in her local branch.

She wrote on Twitter:”Woman kicking off in Greggs cus [sic] she wants a scone and they don’t sell scones.”

Another, Jules Kenna, tweeted: “Just been to Greggs in town and no scones?? Absolutely fuming, what bakers doesn’t do scones, what a joke X @GreggsOfficial sort it out mate.”

Angry scone-lover Torv Alexander, 47, of Edinburgh, added he always “looked forward” to a fruit scone or a bran scone for elevenses.

The builder said: “A colleague went to Greggs to get me a fruit scone for a snack, but when he came back he said Greggs had stopped doing scones, so he couldn’t get me a bran scone or even a cheese scone.

“When a baker stops baking scones you’ve got to wonder.”

Greggs started a “phased withdrawal” of scones earlier this year, but this week it was confirmed that there are now no stores left selling scones.

A spokesman for Greggs said: “They weren’t very popular with customers – we quite often refresh our range.”