Customers are getting fed up

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High Street retailers are having a hard time of it. So I thought they’d bend over backwards to make a sale, but this is not so.

I recently urgently needed a cooker so went along to the big two (Comet and Currys).Comet had none to take away. Currys had exactly the cooker I was looking for, but also didn’t have a single cooker in stock to take away. I asked about free delivery and was told this was would take three to four weeks. The alternative was delivery at a cost of £22. I said I failed to see why I should pay for delivery when they had nothing in stock to take away.

I asked if they could get one to the shop and I’d pick it up. This could be done but I’d have to pay £22 to have it brought from the warehouse.

As I urgently needed one, I reluctantly said they may as well deliver it. I said I would pay £100 deposit and the rest on delivery. However this was not possible, I had to pay there and then or sign a finance agreement. I was not willing to do this as shops kept going bust and went home to scour the classifieds. I was lucky, I came up with a virtually new cooker for £95 (£400 less than I was going to spend at Currys).

Retailers should realise customers are getting fed up of so many conditions being attached to sales.

Bill Machin