Customers are driven away

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It is with jubilation that I read Smith of the Star’s feature on the sheer stupidity of Sheffield’s city centre traffic transport management system and the misery and frustration it causes.

We are a family-run apartment hotel on Snig Hill, in the same area as the Premier Inn on Angel Street, featured in the article.

Guests invariably turn up irritated, fed up and sometimes close to tears! It is not a great first impression and I am sick of having to greet people with an apology for the appalling road network.

We genuinely believe we are in a really good location, but anybody in a car has a harrowing ordeal getting to us. Not a great start to your stay in Sheffield and to be frank, not good for our business as a result.

First impressions are marred by this farcical set up, where cars are almost treated with contempt. The council must accept that for some people public transport is not an option. For families with young children and those whose long journeys, the cost of a train ticket is just not viable.

In a climate where we all try to encourage more visitors to come to our beautiful city it is ludicrous that we make it so hard for people to get around by car.

Maria Dempsey, manager, City Lodgings Hotel, Snig Hill

Big thanks to Paul License for not objecting to people smoking. He is right to say banning the display of tobacco won’t stop people buying cigarettes. Nor will guilt tactics used by a growing section the media, implying that all smokers are sad, stupid, arrogant etc.

J, Sheffield